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KUALA LUMPUR: Maxis Bhd has formed one of the largest 5G alliances in Malaysia to accelerate technology breakthroughs and Internet of Things (IoT) enterprise solutions in line with the national digital agenda.

In a statement today, it said the Maxis 5G Alliance would have 16 initial members comprising global and local technology and industry partners, innovators as well as lighthouse customers from diverse industries to leverage the ecosystem and unlock value of Industry Revolution 4.0 technologies.

Among the members were Advantech, Amdocs, CrescoNet (formerly an Intellihub group company), Cisco, Google Cloud, GSMA (APAC 5G Industry Community), Huawei, LLVision, Microsoft, MIMOS, Motorola Solutions, NEC, Omron, Realwear, SAS, and Vodafone.

"The alliance will co-create, commercialise and scale 5G use cases and innovative solutions across industries to drive digital transformation and innovation,” it said.

The converged solutions provider said the community is expected to grow as the Maxis 5G Alliance is intended to be an open collaboration across all organisations that could help to turbo charge the adoption and deployment of innovation that will be enabled through 5G and ubiquitous converged network connectivity.

"These member organisations are structured according to three streams, namely technology and industry partners, innovators and strategic client partners,” it said.

Maxis also noted that with the diversity of partners within the Maxis 5G Alliance ecosystem, business customers will benefit from this network through sell and grow programmes; engage and exchange programmes; as well as innovate and build programmes.

"All solutions and use cases will be powered by Maxis Programmable Network and Maxis will also provide its wide range of converged ICT solutions that cater to the full spectrum of business needs,” it added.

Visit for more information on Maxis 5G Alliance and to become a member. - Bernama

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